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An effort by two moms spread across the United States coming together to share our everyday creations.

Motto: Let the little hands do all the big work in an activity.

(Sounds like child labor – but you get the point)

We share our fun art, science, math, messy activities we do with our kids.


TurkeyMomI know neither a fancy nor attractive name.Not even a bit catchy. But you know what? Here is the back story. I have 2 daughters – Older one was born day before Thanksgiving 2008. Younger one was born day before Thanksgiving 2010. Now, I’m a Turkey Mom right? Still not catchy, but makes sense. My real name is on the same level. Super common – Suja. That’s me. Hello!

My older Turkey Baby (Big A) loves all things wildlife ( she is extremely upset that unicorn is not a real animal) Big nature loving explorer whose goal currently is to speak in paragraphs and come up with very unique reasons for not eating dinner. eg: My hands are turning into legs, I’m a bridge. Bridges don’t need food.

Younger Turkey Baby (Baby A) loves all things messy. The project is not done until we have had a whole body experience. First word learnt – Mine. That’s a younger sibling for you.

As for Turkey Mom – Oh she is a mom who loves to play with her kids. Much prefer cleaning the oobleck off the floor than cleaning the dishes. ( I can see Dad smirk – may be I’ll upload our play space and let the people decide for themselves if any cleaning gets done at all) and loved her books when she had the luxury to focus.


BuzzinBits about me : I’m Deepa, (a worker bee ( Buzzin’)). A very happy S.A.H.M, married to a wonderful man, my rock and blessed with two lovely and very beautiful girls. Big S is 4 years old ( how did that happen?) and Lil’S is 10 moths old . We love spending time together as family and that’s something very important to me. The sounds of my girls laughing and giggling away is the highlight of my day !

My Area of Specialization(now-a-days) : CONFLICT RESOLUTION .

Here’s something about my girls :

Big S: A fun-loving, highly energetic, very into arts and crafts & messy play. She’s also my kitchen ‘mixer’, loves outdoors and these days a budding fashionista ! Loves Dancing & Swimming . Her all time favourite word – “Beautifuller” !

Lil’S – Our baby of the house . She just achieved her very important Milestone – Walking ! She’s crazy about Big S and loves being outdoors. Currently – Mess Maker !

That’s us our little estrogen fest.

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