Recycled Crafts for Kids : Snake Craft

snakes craft
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Recycled Crafts: Easy Snake craft

How about cute snake crafts for kids? Have you seen those fruit trays/liners at grocery stores? The ones that house apples, pears etc? When you flip these over, you can see a perfect snake outline! Great for fun snake crafts for kids. How cool! Well at least that’s what I thought when I saw a bunch of the fruit trays lying in a corner at the grocery store. Since my children are big wildlife enthusiasts all animal activities and animal crafts go over VERY well. So do recycled crafts.


  • Cardboard fruit trays
  • Acrylic paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Red construction paper
  • Glitter(optional)

materials for snakes

I cut across the fruit tray to create 4 outlines for the snakes. They don’t look like snakes yet.. But wait.

cut snakes for crafts

With the cutouts and acrylic paint set out, the kids were in painting heaven! { All our art activities can be accessed here} Along with my 5 year we looked at a few picture of some gorgeous looking ( really!) snakes. She gathered that some snakes have bands and many of then have a skin pattern. She chose a pattern for herself and started painting. { Have you seen our patterns in nature post?}


My 3 year old just goes with the flow! She mixed a few blues and greens and created this beautiful, sleek looking snake. Isn’t this a fun snake craft for kids? Once the snakes were dry ( haha) we added googly eyes and a forked tongue. { Which started a set of questions – why is a snake’s tongue cut? Are there any pink snakes? etc- see how a simple craft kicks off learning and researching time}

toddler snake crafts for kids

Mommy and 5 year old’s effort.

orange snake craft for kids

Can’t get enough of these wacky snakes!

upcycled snakes

Every other section of the fruit tray looks like a perfect snake outline including the head. The others (like pictured below) have a rounded head though. Honestly it doesn’t matter. The kids will enjoy painting all the “snakes” alike. We added the obligatory glitter and I even set out sequins and other acrylic jewelry in the hopes that my kids will enjoy “glaming up” their snakes.

preschool snake craft

However all I got was a sassy response from the 5 year old ” Mom, snakes don’t have sequins and jewels on their bodies” Sure kid, just glitter, right?

recycled snakes

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